New Services Available from 9am Solutions!

9am Solutions now offers two new services to help clients measure and improve the customer experience:

Web Site Report Card

The Web Site Report Card is a highly efficient and cost effective way to measure a site's overall health in terms of usability, content, and branding.  Clients will learn:

         Why are users coming to the site?

         Are they successful in completing their visit objectives?

         What types of tasks have the lowest and highest success rate?

         How have the latest site improvements impacted user success?

        Can users find information they need?

         What barriers prevent user success?

         How has their site visit affected future interaction with the site and company?


Web Site Report Card Overview

Critical Process Audit

The Critical Process Audit evaluates the effectiveness of vital online processes and focuses specifically on user abandonment. A Process Audit can be conducted on crucial business area such as checkout / purchase process, registration process, online quote process, or reservation process. Clients will learn:

§             How well is the current process meeting user needs and expectations?

§             What are the challenges that users encounter when completing the process?

§             Where are users abandoning the process?

§             Why are users abandoning the process at a particular point?

§              What areas of frustration are most impacting the process completion rate?

§             What site improvements can be made in order to increase process completion rates?


Critical Process Audit Overview