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Are you interested in participating in one of our paid market research studies?  We conduct studies all year long for various Fortune 500 clients.  We are always looking for a variety of people of all ages and demographics to provide valuable input and feedback on a wide range of topics.
Your participation may be at a research facility local to where you live, we may conduct the session over the phone, or over the internet.  Your incentive amount will largely depend on the amount of time commitment we ask of you.
In order to join our panel, please complete one of the questionnairs below.  This will tell us more about you and the best way to contact you.

If you live in the PHOENIX area, please complete this questionnaire:  PHOENIX PANEL

If you live outside of the Phoenix area, please complete our nationwide questionnaire:  US PANEL
Responses are kept strictly confidential and are never used in sales or marketing on any kind.
Qualified candidiates will be contacted by phone if we feel a study may be a good fit for you.  We appreicate your interest in market research and hope you will join our panel by completing the basic survey.

If you live in the Kansas City area (either in Missouri or Kansas), please complete this profile below.  We have several large studies underway and need participants of all types!
Click here to complete the Kansas City Area profile on yourself:  KC Link
As always, we will contact all participants via phone.

If you are a homeowner, and want to help us test a new thermostat, please click on the link below for  additional details and to register.
Beta Test Registration LInk:{FA6C6337-72AA-4303-A316-55519C7637D6}